About me

I started psychoanalysis very young, and started my training as an analyst even before graduating from University as a clinical psychologist. During my various professional paths, I’ve always been in contact with adolescents and young adults and I have a particular ear for them. I have also worked with families and elder people. I welcome you as you are and guaranty a safe, professional environment.

I am a psychoanalyst, affiliated to the SPRF – Psychoanalytical Society for research and Training.

I take part in the IPA (international Psychoanalytical Association) study groups.

I have a DESS diploma of clinical psychopathology from the University of PARIS VII Denis Diderot, since 2004.

You are welcome at my practice in Paris 13th, since 2015.

My personal training is in classical Freudian psychoanalysis, and my University and State degree is in clinical psychology. I have worked in psychiatry for adults, children, and teenagers. I also have worked in a general hospital going from ward to ward as needs arose either for the teams or for the patients; for example in oncology, internal medicine, palliative care, surgical orthopedic and pain management.
I have helped high level athletes cope with stress, failure and success management.

I participated in various study-groups at the  Quatrième Groupe OPLF,  and the SPP . I worked as a clinical psychologist in ths psychiatric hospitals of l’Eau Vive and the Grange Batellière. I worked in the chronical pain center and in palliative care at the hospital Robert Ballanger.

My ADELI number (registration with the ministry of health)  is: 759314263

Modern psychoanalisis

Here are a few thoughts about what we are going through in our modern times.
In our era we are prone to ask legit questions about which therapy to undergo/pursue.

We have been exposed to knowledge and criticism about what psychoanalysis is or should be, about interpersonal therapy, alternate medicine, ancestral meditation from the East, training and life coaches, and so much more I couldn’t possibly list everything here. Which is in essence part of the problem.

The area of possibilities we have been given is almost exponentially expanding. We also have been taught that it is our choice and our responsibility. So in addition to needing help we carry our guilt for not succeeding if the help we seek doesn’t prove worthy in a relatively short time.

The value duration and effort once had, disappeared, to the profit of success, technology and novelty. And if it is truly a sign of the times, it is not at all the pace at which our inner selves change. We still dream and fear and love and hate, we still suffer from various symptoms we do not understand, and we still need time and commitment in order for a change to be effective. Even if the road is not a straight line, and it has peaks and plateaus, we still need time. Time to build trust and understanding, time to dream, time to resist, time to change.

I do not believe there is one and only one right way to find our true path, but I do believe that in order to find it, depth and time are of the essence. Depth in my ability to hear what is said and time for my patients and I to weave mutual construct. All of this can be done in our modern times. Modern psychoanalysis is possible.